About Us


We are a closely knit team of Management Consultants, Digital Media experts, Designers, Developers, Content specialists, , Marketing Strategists and Subject Matter Experts. This specialist team is exclusively fighting the good fight to bring universal attention and love to your business.


We offer progressive end-to-end solutions to our clients while never keeping our sights away from what their requirements demand of. Our expertise lies in applying advanced e-Marketing intelligence to complex business issues and deliver robust solutions to create best online customer experience on our client’s web properties. With our knowledge in Digital Marketing and Brand value Optimization strategies, Sales Consulting, Social Media Campaigning, Content Development, E-commerce solutions and Mobile Application development, we offer our clients with reliable, quality based and cost effective services.

As a company we have injected with three core principles into our business relationships: Vision, Mission and Value.

Vision: We at Clareta Labs understand the intensity with which transformation is happening in every industry today. So we envisage to keep inspiring individuals and fellow organisations to work more productively, efficiently and to remain updated with the ever-changing technology and management strategies. We aspire to be a happy and satisfactory association for our customer and our employees.

Mission: Our mission is to explore the potentials ingrained in Clareta Labs and be profitable for all our stakeholders. We will continue to build long-term relationships with our clients based on mutual trust and respect and ensuring quality offerings, on-time delivery and superior customer support. We aim to encourage creativity and innovation in our employees and provide an open and ethical office environment for them to work in.

Values: We enable our employees to stand out from the crowd, empower our clients to stay ahead of their competition and position Clareta Labs as the most reliable and innovative company globally.


We have a clear vision to provide our customers with the best of experience from beginning to end, with smart innovative solutions that would leave them with nothing but positive experiences and good feedback. We aspire to transform ourselves into an even more exciting and refreshing place to work with and find more effective and efficient ways to integrate our information thus enhancing our insight to help our clients succeed. As a service provider organization, we have always been understanding, flexible and work in close association with our clients and we want to maintain this legacy forever.

Core Principles of Clareta Labs

Clareta Labs is a name which never compromises on its principles. We as a company are solely focussed on connecting the digital ecosystem to every industry and at the same time we provide our employees and team members with opportunity to support their well-being and happiness. We are obsessed with the motive to render quality service to our customers while a being respectable citizen of the country. We maintain and cherish the friendly spirit of Clareta Labs always!